CBeebies Land, Alton Towers in rainy day

Alton Towers has been always known as place for thrill seekers but now it became place where you can also find all your favourite characters from the world of  CBeebies. There is already Peppa Pig Theme Park than Thomas Land in Drayton Manor and now Alton Towers has opened to the younger crowd. 

We got our tickets from The Sun, which every year offers readers free tickets and vouchers 2 for 1 , its always worth to check what offers they have got.

Its better if you park on parking close to Monorail which will take you straight to Alton Towers Main Entrance. Costs GBP 6.00 and its better if you buy your token while entering park, as there will be lots of ques at the end of the day. Monorail is another fun ride for little ones, and at the back of train you will find place to fit with your buggy.

Alton Towers is one of the priciest Parks thats why even if you didn't get free ticket or voucher buy it on line as you can get it cheaper than on the gate. In the park you can buy cheap return tickets- next day GBP 9.50 or valid until November tickets for GBP 15.00.
CBeebies Land is a lovely and colorful part of the Park. Even in rainy day you will have people queuing to Ride in The Night Garden or deliver parcel with Postman Pat. Be prepared to take wellis, raincoats and clothes to change, as there are many water puddles around ( and I am not even talking about water or splash rides!).
If you know it will rain better wait for another day as even Alton Towers claims that there is a lot to do even when its wet its not true. You can go to Sealife Shark Reef which is indoors or take a ride in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, play in Wobble World or watch a 4D movie.

Pregnant women and babies that can not walk, aren't allowed in Charlie and The  Chocolate Factory as it has  censor lift where you might loose your balance although my husband who took it with my son said its fine if you hold baby in your arms. But those are the rules. Anyway, my 2 year old had a lot of fun there ;)
4D cinema is showing now Ice Age 4 movie, featuring a lot of dinosaurs. Even that my cheeky monkey is very much into them and he did love the movie he was quite bit scared to see them on big screen, so keep that in mind taking your little one inside.

To get everywhere in the whole Park you can use a Skyride which is another fun thing to do. It will take you to every corner of the Park.There are two different lines- one will take you from Mutiny Bay and Towers Street to Forbidden Valley and Dark Forrest with all the scary ''adult'' rides. Second one goes to the Cloud and Cukoo Land where you will find Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, 4D Cinema, Wobble World with bouncy area and Driving School (kids under 4 not allowed). If you want to get to Cukoo Land from Towers Street don't get off in Forbidden Forrest just stay until second stop.

Whole Park is wheelchair and stroller friendly but I actually didn't find it baby friendly. Except Cbeebies Land I couldn't find area where i could sit down and breastfeed ( Cbeebies has nice sofa in toilet area) or available microwave to reheat my son's food. In Mutiny Bay my husband had to change our son outside on the bench as men toilet doesn't have baby changing! Park is very big so its also not easy to run around and look for baby ares.

There is plenty bars and fast food type of food all around the Park, more baby friendly snacks in Cbeebies Land. There isn't to much picnic area but you can always sit on the grass -if the weather allows- overlooking beautiful gardens and Towers. Pubs in Alton Village outside park are very pricey, we managed to get nice and not that expensive meal in Faire and Square in Stoke on Trent- small detour for people who live in Birmingham but worth it.

But lets get back to CBeebies Land ;)

Its not easy to move around with little ones when it rains, and even they did enjoy it I didn't have that much fun, being wet and frustrated as I thought if it rains at least there won't be any ques! Well I think all parents thought that!!! If you wouldn't come prepared you can rent at the entrance buggy for GBP 7.00 and in every store buy a waterproof poncho for GBP 6.00 (useful if you want to do any of the water rides).

Based on my experience I would recommend to go to CBeebies Land after you will do other attractions as later during the day we waited only 15min or less for the rides but after opening it took us almost 40 min to get to Postman Pat Ride.

I have to admit that all the rides are good for even small babies. My little one did enjoy it as well. You can either send some parcel driving Postman Pat Car, take Tree Top Adventure cart that takes you above heads of everyone in CBeebies Land or relax in boat of the Night Garden admiring all the characters waving to you while you pass them.

Good thing are small games for kids to play while you wait in the line so little ones won't be that bored.
Next to every line you have monitor that shows waiting time although on that day most of them didn't work showing either 0 or 888 minutes ;)
There is also Tree Fu Training Camp where toddlers can run, climb and use

all their energy while parents relax at the picnic tables. You can even take picture with Tom!!
You will find Tom waiting at you just at the entrance ;)
Add caption

Next to Training Camp you will find Mr. Blooms Allotment although as Mr.Bloom is on holidays  you will meet Mrs. Blossom ;) Its worth to wait to see that show as kids get involved in looking for tokens to feed Compost, can talk to Mr.Bloom and finally see The Veggies! Tiddlers are taken to Mr. Bloom shed where they will look for Cheeky McGreggors and other Vegetables. (shame, no pictures allowed inside).
Mr. Bloom Shed
Compost that kids will have to feed

If you want meet more characters you can go to Photo Studio and take (and buy) some pictures with your favourite ones or go and see live Shows. They are outside but do have some roof provided. You can choose from many different shows like Mike the Knight, Nina and the Neurons or ZingZillas. Its better to check showtimes as you enter CBeebies Land as we have missed all of them  ;)

You can also play in Justins House, but my little one didn't find it fun enough or check Nina's laboratory which is nice but pretty crowded and some of the items are broken- kids can touch and play using their senses but it does need to be more maintained. 
Laboratory inside
And view from outside

Even in the rain it took us all day in Alton Towers, and we still haven't walked around beautiful Gardens which we only admired from the Skyride.  

Do I recommend to go there with little ones? Yes, although in Drayton Manor and Thomas Land I did find more rides suitable for little ones. 

Do I recommend to go while its raining? No, as they don't do Rainy Day Guarantee as Drayton Manor (if it rains two hours straight you get, free ticket to come back another day), and its not that fun to be cold and wet outside for the whole day.

Is is stroller and baby friendly? You have nice, paved paths and Skyride that will take you around as well as places under the roof where you can leave your stroller, but no microwave, problem with baby changing area in gents outside of CBeebies Land.

In The Night Garden ride


Tree Top Adventure

Driving School in Cloud and Cukoo Land

Bouncy House in Cloud and Cukoo Land

If you have any question, or comment dont hesitate just contact me, I hope you enjoyed reading this posted and that it has provide you some useful informations.

Join The Sun online for two months and pay just GBP 8.00 for your tickets!!!

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Secret life of babies ITV

I' m just watching ITV document about our first two years of life! Read this interesting article and watch document on ITV Player if your are from UK! Amazing!!!

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welcome to my blog

 Hello everyone and welcome to my blog! I am a mom of a two year old boy and 3 months old baby girl that loves to travel and go around with kids. I live in Birmingham, UK and noticed that sometimes its hard to find informations about baby groups, park, and all that entertainment.

 It always takes me ages to find informations is that place suitable for pushchairs, toddlers, small babies etc. Thats how my idea of writing this blog was born! Everything will be based on my experience travelling with my two cheeky monkeys! 

As I am a busy mom sometimes i might not have time to write everything in one go so please follow me and check my blog! Any advices or suggestions are welcome!!!

Enjoy ;)

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